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GREY ZONE | 2019

Runtime: 10 Minutes

On an urban crosswalk, Neta runs into a man who touches her abruptly and without her consent. Without coming up with a clear plan, Neta finds herself following him.


Haifa International Film Festival, Israel

Filmschool Fest Munich, Germany

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, US

Tribeca Film Festival, US

 Indy Film Fest, US
Brussels Short Film Festival
Edmonton International Film Festival

Boston Jewish Film Festival


Udi Persi | Rachel Yaron

Maayan Goshen | Emily Sabet | Ortal Nager​

Writing, directing and editing by Gal Sagy

Produced by Dor Azulay | Director of Photography Alon Daniel

Focus Puller Rani Barmats | Stills Photography Benja Perez

 Assistant Director Itamar Lider Shiri

Lighting Joe Magal | Sound Gilad Kessler

Boom Operator Ran Sagy | Assistant Producer Rona Weiss, Mor Zibel

Color Grading by Edan Sasson, Junun Grading Studio

Sound designer Shay Fahima, Dor Cohen

Catering Alexander Beer


With the support of Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

Ministry of Culture and Sport

Grey Zone poster Aug.jpg
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Hypo poster2019.jpg

HYPO | 2018

Runtime: 18 Minutes

When Tamir was 16 years old, he was diagnosed with type one Diabetes. This disease affects his life routine and causes him to constantly face challenges as his intense physical art of dance meets a disease that hurts the body and makes one loses control over it in a sense.



InShadow - Lisbon, Portugal

 Arte Mare Film Festival, France

OTR International film fest, Ohio, US

 Fastminds Neurodiversity Arts Festival, Uk

Torino Underground Cinefest, Italy

Global University Film Awards


 With Tamir Stepper

Writing, directing and editing by Gal Sagy 

​Produced by Tal Duer | Director of Photography Daniel Mualem 

Lighting Omri Betzer | Sound Daniel Mualem 

Color Grading by Edan Sasson, Junun Grading Studio

Original Music by RANSA

Sound designer Dor Cohen


With the support of Docuvillage Film Fund

Ministry of Culture and Sports


A TURTLE | 2018

Runtime: 12 Minutes

A young man alone in the desert with only his lame pet turtle for company contemplates - until his world is turned upside down. Quirky comedy drama.



Arava International film festival, Israel

Long- short 8th film festival, Israel

Discover film award (Winner- Best debut film), London

Hollywood verge film awards, US

BUZZ CEE, Romania


Amit Regev | Aya Luft | Yogev Kalandarov​

​Writing, directing and editing by Gal Sagy​

Produced by Nir Yogev | Director of Photography Omer Weiss

Focus Puller Amilly Shir- Segal | Assistant Director Tom Raa'nan 

Lighting Shay Ater | Sound Shay Malakov

Boom Operator Yoav Konikof | Assistant Producer Moriel Pasharel, Gal Issar 

Color Grading by Edan Sasson, Junun Grading Studio

Sound designer Shay Malakov 

Catering Alexander Beer

With the support of Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

Ministry of Culture and Sports

Gal Sagy A Turtle.jpg
Meow solidariot.jpg


Runtime: 18 Minutes

In November 2017, Meow passed away leaving his best friend, Mishka, alone. Both have been Homeless in recent years, both heavily addicted to alcohol. Mishka refuses to accept the death of his best friend - until the moment he stands in front of his grave. Meow's death creates a group of people who found themselves on a journey to the alternative cemetery of Beersheba.



Solidarity Tel Aviv Human Rights Film Festival, Israel

 مِهرجان تل أبيب للسينما وحقوق الإنسان


 directing and editing by Gal Sagy and Dor Marshall 

​Produced by Dor Marshall | Director of Photography Yoav Konikof 

Sound designer Dor Cohen




Commercials | 2020-2024

Clients: The Lottery (pais), Egged, Rishon LeZion Municipality, Herzliya Municipality, Ellie app


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